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All the way through the previous two weeks, a conspiracy idea alleging that NATO contributors had donated HIV and hepatitis-infected blood to Ukraine was once in the beginning posted and unfold on Weibo by means of “Guyan Muchan,” an influential account with greater than 6 million fans. 

Asia Truth Test Lab (AFCL) tracked down and showed the pro-Putin Telegram channel Breaking Mash because the disinformation’s supply. Additional inquiries by means of the Ukraine-based fact-checking group StopFake led to the Ukrainian govt to liberate a proper commentary debunking the disinformation. 

On Nov. 3, Guyan Muchan, a broadly adopted Weibo person, printed a put up claiming to expose a tainted blood scandal involving NATO and Ukraine. The commentary reads:

Ukraine requested NATO to supply greater than 60,000 liters of blood for wounded squaddies within the Odessa, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Zaporozhye areas. NATO member nations equipped Ukraine with canned blood.

Then again, Ukrainian clinical personnel discovered HIV and hepatitis B and C viruses within the blood after random examinations. Kiev has written to NATO soliciting for an impartial evaluation of the donor blood and asking that blood “no longer be amassed at the African continent.”

Within the first team, 6.3% of the samples had HIV, 7.4% had hepatitis B and three.2% had hepatitis C. 

In the second one team: 5.9%, 6.8% and three.1%, respectively.

The guidelines is got by means of leaked information after the Ukrainian govt place of work computer systems had been hacked.”

The put up contained 3 photographs. The primary was once an image of a commentary that hackers allegedly had got confidential paperwork from Ukrainian Top Minister Denys Shmyhal’s e mail. The second one was once an alleged letter from Ukraine’s Minister of Well being to Shmyhal. The 3rd was once the English translation of the letter. Every symbol’s background contained the phrase “mash” as a watermark, which AFCL used to track the put up again to its authentic supply.  

Guyan Muchan is one in all China’s “patriotic” influencers who lately rose to repute by means of pandering to home nationalist sentiment. Her put up claiming using tainted blood was once preferred by means of loads of folks, with different influential social media figures reposting it to hundreds of thousands extra. This “information” hastily unfold on plenty of Chinese language language web pages, together with the preferred web information portal 163.com. 

What’s the declare’s supply?

AFCL was once not able to seek out any experiences concerning the declare from credible English media retailers. A couple of English web pages with deficient information credibility did repost it, together with the pro-Russia site information.information and the gun-lover group discussion board snipershide.com. A slew of unreliable Twitter accounts have additionally posted the declare in English. Leader amongst them is ZOKA, a person with greater than 105,000 fans. Marcus Kolga, director at DisinfoWatch, a fact-checking mission underneath the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Canada, informed AFCL that ZOKA is a “well known pro-Kremlin account.”

AFCL additionally discovered the Russian model of the declare being unfold on many web pages, boards and social media platforms. After evaluating each the publishing time and watermark, AFCL traced the declare again to a put up at the Telegram channel “Breaking Mash,” first printed at 1 a.m. on Nov. 3. The unique put up has since received over 1a million perspectives.

Breaking Mash is the respectable Telegram channel of the Russian-language site Mash.ru. The site’s content material is filled with lies and is very aligned with Moscow’s propaganda, in line with Christine Eliashevsky-Chraibi, a media veteran and translator at Euromaidan Press. Mash senior personnel are suspected of being on the subject of the Russian govt, with corporate govt Stepan Kovalchuk’s uncles, Kirill and Yuri Kovalchuk, marked as “elites on the subject of Putin” by means of the USA.S.

In sum, each the declare’s authentic Russian supply along side the English web pages and social media accounts that unfold the declare all be afflicted by low credibility. 

Is the declare true?

AFCL deems the Guyan Muchan put up to be false. It got here from a pro-Russia Telegram channel with low credibility. The Ukraine Ministry of Well being refuted the declare in a commentary providing extra information about blood donation in Ukraine.

The declare alleges that the “scoop” was once leaked from the hacked e mail of Ukraine’s top minister, Denys Shmyhal. However no credible media retailers reported at the leaked emails.

The statements the declare is dependent upon use questionable language that usually would no longer be suitable for respectable paperwork. For instance, the declare alleges that the mMinister of hHealth demanded that NATO’s donor blood “no longer be amassed at the African continent.” The potential of such racist language showing in a proper govt record is not likely.

Eliashevsky-Chraibi mentioned the alleged govt letter is “very suspicious” as there may be “no date, no signature, no stamp” and it was once “no longer formal process.” 

In the course of the Ukraine founded fact-checking group StopFake, AFCL checked with the Ukrainian govt in regards to the veracity of this declare. On Nov. 7, the Ukrainian Ministry of Well being printed a commentary on its respectable site refuting the declare.

Ukraine hasn’t ever asked blood donations from any group outdoor of the rustic, and all donor blood wanted for the battlefield comes from inside Ukraine and meets Ecu requirements, in line with the ministry’s commentary. On every occasion there’s an pressing want at a blood middle, folks reply briefly to requests for donations, negating the will for any provides from outdoor of the rustic.

The commentary provides that Ukraine does no longer have a “random sampling” machine of donor blood. As an alternative, it checks all donations to make sure they’re protected and dependable. 

The alleged letter from Ukraine’s Minister of Well being is a forgery, the commentary says. 

The allegation about blood donated to Ukraine originated on the Russian telegram channel Breaking Mash [left] and then was picked up by a pro-Kremlin account on Twitter [center] and a few hours later by an account on Weibo [right] with 6.44 million fans. Credit: Asia Fact Check Lab screenshots
The allegation about blood donated to Ukraine originated at the Russian telegram channel Breaking Mash [left] after which was once picked up by means of a pro-Kremlin account on Twitter [center] and a couple of hours later by means of an account on Weibo [right] with 6.44 million fanatics. Credit score: Asia Truth Test Lab screenshots

Background Knowledge

In overdue October, the Kyiv Submit, a number one English newspaper in Ukraine, printed a record that Russia’s Wagner non-public army corporate had recruited Russian prisoners affected by critical infectious illnesses, particularly HIV and hepatitis C. This information bears some similarities with the declare made at the Breaking Mash Telegram channel, together with the point out of HIV, hepatitis and the struggle, however makes no point out of NATO or donor blood. The disinformation printed by means of Mash may well be supposed to discredit NATO as a part of Russia’s knowledge war.  

Fabricating and spreading virus-related disinformation has been one in all Russia’s oft-used ways because the days of the Soviet Union. Within the Nineteen Eighties, the KGB and its East German counterpart the Stasi performed the disinformation marketing campaign “Operation Denver.”

The marketing campaign claimed that HIV was once a U.S.-made organic weapon; that the virus were examined on prisoners, ethnic minorities and homosexuals; and that the virus originated in Africa. Because the outbreak of each COVID and the Russia-Ukraine struggle, “virus” has turn into a buzzword in public discourse, incessantly hooked up to false or deceptive knowledge. 


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Asia Truth Test Lab is a brand new department of RFA, established to counter disinformation in nowadays’s advanced media setting. Our reporters submit each day by day and particular experiences that purpose to sharpen and deepen our reader’s working out of public problems.



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