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The only trick with this apple pie recipe that makes all of the distinction? Baking the apple slices first. It’s the magic key to a crispy base, awesome flavour and perfectly-cooked-never-mushy filling. It’s additionally the way you get a beneficiant quantity of pie filling with out the scary large empty hollow space underneath the lid.

Serve this all-time favorite heat with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the easiest selfmade dessert!

Close up of a slice of Apple Pie

My best possible Apple Pie

Of all of the candy pies available in the market, Apple Pie would possibly simply be essentially the most iconic of all of them. In The usa, it’s nearly its personal faith and discuss what precisely makes the easiest Apple Pie can get as prickly as politics.

Neatly, let me weigh in and let you know about my concept of the easiest Apple Pie.

My best possible pie is full of a beneficiant quantity of apple filling that’s by no means soft and not undercooked. There’s some spicing nevertheless it’s even-handed and doesn’t crush. The filling may be now not overly candy and gained’t depart you greedy for a tumbler of water.

Then the pastry. All this comfortable apple goodness is encased in a shell of irresistibly flaky, buttery shortcrust. It’s now not chewy neither is it unhappy and soggy. And let’s now not put out of your mind the bottom! In fact it’s were given to be completely crispy – no exceptions.

That’s my imaginative and prescient of best possible Apple Pie. If that every one sounds excellent to you, then dare I say this would possibly turn out to be your best possible apple pie recipe too. I am hoping you experience this recipe for many years yet to come!

Recipe credit – Many because of my French pastry chef trainer Jennifer Pogmore and RecipeTin’s Chef JB for his or her help and experience to deliver my imaginative and prescient of the easiest Apple Pie to lifestyles. We did it!!!

Overhead photo of apple pie whole

The place such a lot of Apple Pie recipes cross mistaken

I don’t usually write so bluntly. However it is a very lengthy submit so I don’t have time for measured politeness!

My recipe for best possible Apple Pie is actually borne of all of the issues I’ve disliked about different Apple Pie recipes I’ve attempted over time, which I sought after to handle. Right here’s my greatest gripes:

  1. Soggy base or crust now not correctly cooked – This one’s a not unusual downside with recipes the place the crust isn’t blind baked ahead of filling with apples, or uncooked apples are baked within the crust. Apple juices have to move someplace, ?? That someplace is into your pastry. (And nope, thickening with cornflour/cornstarch gained’t save the pie.)

  2. Tender apples. Or it’s reverse, crunchy undercooked apples – I don’t know which is worse. Each are simply a large fats no!

  3. Overly candy fillings and spice overkill – I wish to style the apples!

  4. Now not a lot apple flavour – Some recipes even boil apples … ick. Simply no.

  5. Skimpy quantity of filling – Any recipe calling for not up to 1.5kg / 3lb of apples will finally end up lovely scant at the filling. Pies are meant to be all about generosity!

  6. A large empty hollow space underneath the lid – A recipe calling for uncooked apples to be piled prime within the crust leads to a bulging pastry cage for a lid. The lid smashes in while you lower it, making a frightful (despite the fact that admittedly still-delicious) mess!

Large mound of uncooked apples chefs down, leaving an empty hollow space underneath the pie lid.

Studying again over my checklist, you will have to assume I’m slightly of a whiny, difficult-to-please individual. 😂 It’s now not that in any respect! Other folks in my lifestyles know really well I’m a ways from a hoity-toity sort.

For me, the object about Apple Pie is that it’s now not a snappy recipe particularly when you’re taking the time to make the crust from scratch. So the result must be definitely worth the effort, ie. flawless!

The opposite factor – and that is the clincher – is that just about the entire problems I indexed above boil all the way down to how the filling is handled. A filling made with uncooked apples as an example is a quite common way yet results in all varieties of issues like the ones I discussed.

If we will simply repair the filling, we’re giggling.

The answer: Bake the apples

The way to my gripes became out to be easy: Bake the apples. It’s as simple as that.

Right here’s why it really works:

  • The apples prepare dinner lightly

  • The apple juices can also be lowered to a syrup so it’s now not runny and doesn’t soak the bottom

  • The apples are cooked down first so that you don’t finally end up with an enormous empty pie-lid hollow space

  • It’s a ways more straightforward than stovetop-cooking your apples. Stirring a tonne of apple slices isn’t amusing, plus they don’t actually prepare dinner lightly.

  • And … higher flavour!

Baking apple slices previous to filling the pie ended up being the simple way to problems I had with earlier pie recipes. Bonus: higher apple flavour!
Close up cross section of apple pie
Overhead photo of slice of Apple Pie

OK! Able to peer how you can make my Apple Pie?? Let’s do that!

What you wish to have to make Apple Pie filling

Right here’s what you wish to have to make the Apple Pie filling. (PS The egg is misplaced, it’s for brushing the pastry!).

  • Granny Smith apples – There’s a lot of evaluations available in the market about the most productive apples for apple pie. However for me, Granny Smith is The One, for its tartness and skill to carry its formed as soon as cooked. That is key for heading off a soft filling!

  • Brown sugar – My number of sugar for caramelly sweetness. I take advantage of 1 cup of brown sugar which, to me, supplies the easiest degree of sweet-but-not-too-sweet.

  • Apple Pie spices – Cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Combine up your individual for higher flavour keep watch over over the usage of a pre-made combine!

  • Butter – Only a dab, for simmering with the apple juices at the tray to make a syrup for the Apple Pie filling.

  • Salt – Only a contact, to deliver out the opposite flavours. It doesn’t make it salty in any respect.

  • Egg – Used to comb the pie lid to make it an attractive golden brown!

Making Apple Pie

Apple Pie crust

The vintage crust used for apple pie is shortcrust and that’s what I take advantage of. My recipe could be very usual (flour, butter, salt, sugar, water) despite the fact that the only factor I must most probably cope with is the talk about butter vs vegetable shortening.

Advocates of vegetable shortening (which is a kind of fats constructed from vegetable oil) love the way it makes shortcrust pastry ultra-crumbly and flaky.

I don’t have any problems with vegetable shortening in keeping with se, with the exception of that it’s tasteless. So whilst shortcrust pastry made with butter will not be moderately as flaky, it’s nonetheless flaky sufficient to me and extra importantly, is an entire lot tastier to devour.

And in case your thoughts goes instantly to “why now not use a mixture”?, you assume like me as a result of I attempted that too. However I simply discovered it nonetheless lacked flavour even the usage of a 50/50 combine.

So, all-butter shortcrust it’s! Recipe right here.

PS Additionally – I take advantage of a meals processor. As a result of I’ve sizzling little palms which soften the little bits of butter as I paintings with the dough. Meals processor = precisely the similar effects as home made + awesome flakiness + SPEED.

How one can make Apple Pie

Heads up – there’s a large number of data right here as a result of I provide an explanation for there why and likewise supply educational data so even first-timers could have the arrogance to nail the Nice Apple Pie!

In case you’re a professional, simply skip on forward to the recipe or the how-to video, or to Dozer. 😂 For everybody else, come alongside for the trip.

Sport plan: My Apple Pie workflow

  1. Make shortcrust pastry.

  2. Whilst the pastry coated pie tin is within the freezer for two hours, bake the apple slices.

  3. Whilst the apple is baking, roll out the pie lid and lower the lattice strips, then refrigerate

  4. Whilst the apple slices are cooling, blind bake the pastry and scale back the apple juices to make the syrup.

  5. Collect the pie and bake!

1. Get ready the pie crust

  1. Shortcrust dough – Make a double batch of my (simple!) shortcrust pastry dough. Shape two separate discs, wrap and relax for 1 hour within the refrigerator.

  2. Roll out – Unwrap one ball of dough and roll out on a frivolously floured paintings floor right into a spherical this is about 5 mm / 1/5″ thick (now not too skinny, must be strong sufficient for a lot of juicy filling!)

  3. Line pie tin – I take advantage of a normal dimension 23 cm / 9″ steel pie tin (now not deep dish). Steel is easiest. You simply can’t get a right kind crispy base with a tumbler or ceramic pie tin – we attempted.

    To line the pie tin, roll the pastry off the paintings floor onto the rolling pin, then unroll it onto the pie tin. This isn’t simply the most simple method to switch the pastry (no tearing!), you’re going to additionally keep away from stretching the pastry which then reasons the crust to shrink when it bakes.

    Drape the pastry into the pie tin, taking care to not stretch it as a result of, as famous above, stretched pastry will shrink again within the oven.

  4. Prick & freeze – Use a fork to softly prick the bottom round 30 occasions (don’t cross all over). This is helping save you the bottom from effervescent up when baking which will purpose pie juice leakages.

    Wrap the pie tin in hang wrap then freeze for two hours. You’ll be able to in truth even depart it there for as much as 1 month (most probably longer, I simply haven’t executed so).

    Freezing pastry is an ideal tip I realized from my French pastry chef trainer Jennifer Pogmore (we paintings remotely in combination!). Baking a pastry from frozen leads to mainly 0 pastry shrinkage.

    It’s further essential to keep away from pie crust shrinkage for a completely loaded apple pie as this can result in a damaged crust when the crammed pie is baked! Believe all that filling in opposition to a pie crust that isn’t pressed up in opposition to the pie tin wall…. cracking chance galore, apple juices seeping underneath the crust which glues the crust to the pie tin…crisis! (And yup, been there executed that 😂).

2. Blind bake the crust

Blind baking (par baking) is vital to make sure the crust is not only crispy, but additionally absolutely cooked. We attempted a large number of iterations with out blind baking the crust with combined effects. For some, the bottom used to be soggy, and for different variations, both the bottom and or/aspects weren’t absolutely cooked.

Conclusion: blind baking is very important!

  1. Quilt with paper – Quilt the frozen pie crust with two massive sheets of baking/parchment paper organized in a “X”. Extra paper is essential to give protection to the pie rim from browning too rapid in addition to having masses to carry so you’ll be able to take away the recent beads safely.

  2. Baking beads – Fill with baking beads till degree to the rim. Those crush the bottom in addition to urgent the pastry in opposition to the edges of the pie tin so it prevents the pastry from shrinking. (Learn phase above for why pastry shrinkage is unwanted for apple pie!).

    No baking beads? Use raw rice or dried beans. Stay for re-use indefinitely.

  3. Bake for 25 mins at 200°C / 400°F (180°C fan).

  4. Take away the baking beads the usage of the paper overhang and switch to a bowl.

  5. Egg wash – Brush the bottom and aspects (yet now not rim) frivolously with whisked egg. This can be a crispy base insurance coverage step – when the egg chefs, it paperwork a skinny “barrier” to assist save you the pastry from soaking up the juices.

  6. Bake exposed for an extra 5 mins then take away. The pie crust must be gentle golden and glance absolutely cooked.

    Go away to chill for quarter-hour ahead of filling with the Apple Pie Filling. This can be a crispy base insurance coverage step (sizzling pastry absorbs liquid extra).

3. Baking apple slices

Baking the apple slices is the important thing step for the Best possible Apple Pie. Learn the explanations within the phase above!

  1. Slice apples – Core the apples the usage of your preferred approach. In case you’re an apple-cooking fiend like myself, you’ll have an apple corer (grasp it instantly as you twist down). If now not, you’ll be able to simply core the apples the usage of no matter approach easiest works for you.

    Peel then halve the apples. Then position then lower face down and lower into 1cm / 0.4″ thick slices. Attempt to lower them as lightly as imaginable in order that they prepare dinner lightly.

  2. Toss – Put the apple slices in a big bowl. Combine the sugar and spices in a separate small bowl (I do know you simply wish to unload them instantly in yet then the spices don’t disperse lightly). Then sprinkle the mix over the apple slices and use your palms to toss smartly, setting apart apple slices as wanted so they’re lightly covered.

  1. Bake – Unfold onto 2 trays and bake at 180°C/350°F (160°C fan) till the apples are comfortable yet now not soft. The bake time will range from quarter-hour to 40 mins, relying on the place you reside! A fascinating discovery once we have been trying out this recipe as Granny Smith apples right here in Australia take 40 mins while in France, it takes simply quarter-hour. Superb!

    Easy lesson realized – Take a look at your apples early. Simple!

    Objective: The apple slices must be comfortable and be offering no resistance while you pierce them with a knife. Alternatively, you don’t need them soft. They’re going to be slightly refined when sizzling out of the oven yet will company up as they cool. And so they don’t prepare dinner a lot more as soon as within the pie, it’s extra about melding in combination to turn out to be a juicy pie filling.

  1. Apple juices – Drain the apple juices at the trays right into a saucepan. No wish to be pedantic right here, simply tilt the tray and use a spatula to carry again the apple slices when you drain off up to you’ll be able to. If there’s some left at the tray that’s adequate – we can simply upload it later.

    You will have round 1/2 cup of juices, despite the fact that every now and then I’ve much less, some days I’ve extra. It doesn’t topic as a result of we’re lowering in your next step to a certain quantity.

  2. Make syrup – Upload the butter into the apple juices then simmer on low warmth till it reduces to one/3 cup (80 ml) and turns into a syrupy consistency. It would take 1 minute in case you best had round 1/3 cup, or 5 mins in case you began with 1/2 cup or extra.

    Lowering the apple juices right into a syrup serves 2 functions. In the beginning, we aren’t losing unfastened flavour. We’re getting apple flavour to the max! It made me wish to cry each and every time I noticed an apple pie recipe that directed folks to discard apple juices.

    Secondly, by means of lowering the apple juices right into a syrup, it’s going to hang to the apple items higher and won’t soak into the bottom as a lot. Which means that – yup, you guessed it – crispy base!

    As soon as the syrup is in a position, put aside for cool.

  3. Cool apple – Set the cooked apple slices apart to chill. This may cause them to much less refined to care for and likewise guarantees they don’t overcook into mush when baked within the pie within the 45 minute prepare dinner time required for the pastry lid to prepare dinner.

4. Fill the pie

OK! We’re at the house stretch right here to the most productive section – EATING IT!!!

  1. Fill the pie crust with 2/3 of the cooled apple slices. I take advantage of a spatula to scoop them up with out destroying them. Position them within the pie crust and press down frivolously to take away air wallet.

    Then with the remainder apple, shape a slight mound within the heart then position the remainder apple slices on best. You’ll be able to see in my photograph I’ve positioned them fairly overlapping in a neat association. You don’t wish to do this!

  2. Pour over the apple syrup and any residual juices left at the tray.

5. Lattice educational!

OK! Just a little pie lattice educational. Promise it’s now not arduous!

  1. Roll out the dough on a frivolously floured paintings floor to three mm / 1/8″ thick. You don’t need it too thick else it’s going to now not prepare dinner thru by the point the skin is a gorgeous golden color.

  2. Reduce 12 x 2.5cm / 1″ strips. I take advantage of a ruler and a small sharp knife that I run alongside the ruler to chop the strips.

    I generally tend to do that step whilst the apples are baking, then go back the strips to the refrigerator (lined in hang wrap) till required.

  1. Doing the lattice – Position 6 strips in the similar path on best of the filling, lightly spaced aside.

    Fold up each and every 2d strip to midway, then position any other strip crosswise around the pie. Spread the strips, then fold up the other strips and position any other strip crosswise around the pie. Repeat with yet one more strip, then rotate the pie and repeat with the remainder 3 strips.

    Trim the usage of scissors or a small sharp knife.

    Seal the usage of water and urgent to stick. I in finding it best possible simply to make use of my finger.

6. Bake it!

  1. Pie lid or lattice – See under for a way I do the lattice topping.

    Complete pie lid – Position the lid on best, trim extra then seal to the rim the usage of water. Make a 5cm / 2″ incision within the heart to permit steam to flee.

  2. Egg wash & sugar – Brush the lattice with egg wash, taking care to keep away from the cooked pie rim (else it’s going to get overly brown) and be sure to don’t finally end up with swimming pools of egg within the lattice joins. Then sprinkle with sugar.

  1. Bake for 45 mins till the pastry is golden and you spot the juices effervescent.

  2. Cool – Absolutely cool for no less than 3 hours ahead of reducing to serve. In case you do that, you’ll wish to lower and serve it out of the pie tin since the pie may not be strong sufficient to take away. The slices may also be somewhat rustic. 🙂 Such is the character of freshly made pies!

    Neat slices – If you want to serve the apple pie slices well, as pictured, simply refrigerate the pie in a single day. It’s going to company up and turn out to be strong sufficient to prove onto a plate and lower neat slices. Leaving in a single day additionally offers the pie filling flavour an opportunity to meld in combination much more.

    To reheat, quilt with foil and reheat within the oven (10 mins at 180°C/350°F) or use the microwave for a fast possibility (1 minute). And sure, the bottom remains crisp!

Overhead photo of serving apple pie

Right here’s a detailed up of the lower apple pie after it’s rested in a single day and been reheated within the oven. Nonetheless great and juicy, and cuts well.

Close up slice of apple pie

Serving with ice cream isn’t even an possibility. It is going with out pronouncing – proper??!! Would cream take it excessive?

And there you may have it. My best possible apple pie! A odd time to percentage it most likely, heading into Australian summer season. However one can not all the time make a choice when she is going to *in spite of everything* be pleased with a recipe despite the fact that she is moderately happy that she controlled to squeeze this in simply ahead of Thanksgiving! – Nagi x

PS I don’t know why I’m writing about myself within the third individual. Word to self: come again and connect this!

Watch how you can make it


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Close up of a slice of Apple Pie

My Best possible Apple Pie

Servings10 -12

Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. A snappy ‘n simple apple pie recipe may have you pile uncooked apples within an raw pie crust. It’s going to paintings…however the base can be soggy with uncooked patches, the apples can be erratically cooked (some soft, some nonetheless company), and you’ll be able to have an enormous empty hollow space underneath the pie lid.But when, like me, that is not excellent sufficient for you, make my Best possible Apple Pie. You can wish to freeze then blind bake your pie crust, and bake the apple slices. Awesome flavour, completely cooked apple filling, crispy base and no ugly gaping cave underneath your pie lid!End with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the easiest selfmade dessert.See notes for my workflow which it’s possible you’ll in finding helpful!


Pie crust:

  • Shortcrust: Make 2 x shortcrust pastry recipe. Shape the dough discs, wrap and refrigerate in keeping with the recipe.
  • Line tin: Roll out one dough simply sufficiently big to suit a 23cm/9″ steel pie tin, following instructions within the shortcrust recipe. You need the bottom reasonably thick so it is strong. Trim off extra pastry, prick the bottom 30 occasions with a fork (do not pierce thru).
  • Freeze (Word 4): Quilt with hang wrap and freeze for two hours. In the meantime, bake apple.

  • Preheat oven to 200°C / 400°F (180°C fan).

  • Blind bake (Word 5): Position two massive sheets of baking/parchment paper in a “X” over the pie tin then fill with baking beads (Word 4). Bake 25 mins.

  • Egg wash (Word 5): Take away from oven. Use paper extra to take away beads right into a bowl. Brush base and aspects (now not rim) frivolously with whisked egg. Go back crust to oven for five mins.

  • Cool: Crust must be gentle golden and glance absolutely cooked. Cool quarter-hour ahead of filling.

Lattice (Word 6 for complete lid):

Apple Pie Filling:

  • Preheat oven to 180°C / 350°F (160°C fan).

  • Spice combine: Combine the sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and salt in a bowl.

  • Toss: In a big bowl, sprinkle spice combine over apple slices. Toss smartly with palms, setting apart items caught in combination.

  • Bake: Unfold on 2 massive trays. Bake till comfortable yet nonetheless conserving shape – test first at 15 min, takes me 40 min. (Word 7). Don’t stir or rotate trays.

  • Drain off juices: Take away trays from oven. The use of a spatula to carry the apples again, pour apple juices right into a saucepan (do what you’ll be able to, are not looking for each and every drop).

  • Cool apple: Go away apple slices to chill at the tray – about quarter-hour.

  • Apple syrup: Upload butter into apple juices then simmer on low warmth till it reduces to one/3 cup (80 ml) and turns into syrupy. This would possibly take 1 minute in case you did not get started with a lot juices, or 3 – 5 mins in case you began with 1/2 cup+ juices. Take away from range and let cool.

Collect and bake:

  • Fill: Use a spatula to scoop up apple slices. Fill the pie crust with 2/3 of the apples, gently urgent out air wallet. Then organize the remainder apples on best in a slight mound. Pour apple syrup over the slices and any residual juices at the baking trays.

  • Lattice or lid: Best with lattice – see in submit for my approach. Trim extra, press to stick onto rim the usage of water to seal. Brush lattice with egg wash (keep away from cooked pie rim else will over-brown), making sure you do not get swimming pools of egg within the joins. Sprinkle with sugar.

  • Bake 45 mins or till the pastry is golden and you spot the syrup effervescent throughout the lattice.

  • Serving: Cool no less than 3 hours ahead of reducing to serve!

  • For neat slices: After cooling, refrigerate in a single day. Flip pie out of pie dish (it is strong sufficient!). Then you’ll be able to lower neat slices. Position on a tray, quilt with foil and reheat for 10 mins in a 180°C/350°F oven (or microwave in emergency!). Serve with vanilla ice cream, all the time!

Recipe Notes:

MY WORKFLOW: Whilst pastry coated pie tin is within the freezer, bake apples. In the meantime, roll out lattice. Whilst baked apples are cooling, blind bake pie crust and scale back apple syrup. Then bring together pie and bake!
1. Crust – If the usage of retailer purchased pie crust, observe packet instructions.
2. Granny Smith is my selection for apple pie for its tart flavour which performs so smartly with the sugar and spices, and as it holds its shape smartly when cooked (quite than becoming child meals).
3. Sugar for a glowing crust. Not obligatory.
4. Freezing prevents pastry shrinkage. It actually works and is value doing. Taught to me by means of my French Pastry Chef trainer Jennifer Pogmore. Freeze in a single day or as much as 1 month!
Baking beads additionally is helping save you pastry shrinkage. Don’t have any? Use raw rice grains or dried beans. Save for re-use all over again!
5. Par baking the crust is vital for making sure the pie crust is absolutely cooked and crisp. In case you get started with uncooked dough, you’re going to finally end up with some uncooked patches whether or not at the base or aspects, or each, and/or soggy base.
Egg wash on blind baked crust additionally is helping stay the bottom crispy because it paperwork slightly of a liquid coverage barrier.
6. Complete pie lid (ie now not lattice) – Roll out pastry and don’t lower strips. Seal to rim the usage of water, lower 2.5cm/1″ pass in centre. Brush with egg and sprinkle with sugar, bake in keeping with recipe.
7. Apple baking time – Get started checking your apples on the 15 minute mark as we came upon all the way through trying out that the similar number of apples fluctuate tremendously in prepare dinner occasions. In France (the place Jennifer Pogmore my Pasty Chef trainer is living), it best takes quarter-hour for the apples to turn out to be comfortable. Mine take 40 mins. So simply get started checking early! Word: Apple does now not melt a lot more as soon as within the pie crust so get the feel proper all the way through this step.
8. Leftover apple pie will stay for as much as 4 days within the refrigerator despite the fact that it’s at its high within the first 24 hours after baking.


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