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3 oz. boneless hen
1 small onion
1½ tablespoons butter (1½ tablespoons extra later)
1½ cups cooked rice (heat)
¼ cup ketchup
¼ teaspoon pepper
½ teaspoon salt


4 eggs
2 tablespoons milk
1½ tablespoons butter
1 ketchup bottle for squirting


no-stick pan
paper towels

Serves 2. Takes half-hour.


Slice hen into ½” cubes. Mince onion. Upload 1½ tablespoons butter and onion to common pan. Sauté onion at medium warmth for three mins. Stir continuously. Upload hen. Sauté for two mins or till hen is not crimson. Upload rice, ketchup, pepper, and salt. Cut back warmth to medium and sauté for two mins or till rice is scorching and lined with ketchup. Take away and canopy to stay heat.


Upload eggs and milk to blending bowl. Mix with whisk. Upload 1½ tablespoons butter to no-stick pan. Soften butter the usage of medium warmth. Upload ½ of the combined eggs. Tilt pan in order that egg combination covers the outside. Prepare dinner egg combination the usage of medium warmth for 1 minute or till egg begins to set at the backside, however remains to be runny on most sensible. Sprinkle ½ of the fried rice onto the atmosphere egg combination, leaving 2″ of egg exposed at the left and proper facets. Use spatula to fold exposed facets over the rice so far as they may be able to pass.

Tilt pan to the best in order that the best aspect of the omelette will get curved somewhat via the pan. Then tilt the pan to the left for a similar end result. Put serving plate on most sensible of pan. Whilst conserving plate, flip pan the other way up in order that the egg aspect of the omelette is at the most sensible. Duvet with paper towel to take away oil and to softly form omelette into the form of an American soccer. Take away towel and artistically drizzle omelette with ketchup. Repeat for the second one omelette.


1) The above image of Omurice appears so much like a triangular sail. That is no coincidence. Take a look at the Viking send proven within the image underneath.






2) Now, upload a contented face to the triangular sail.






3) Let’s put the ones two photos in combination.





4) Whoa! The images are just about an identical.. The Vikings did get the theory for his or her sail from the Eastern rice omelette. Those photos turn out the Erik the Glad saga is right past all wondering.

5) Within the Glad saga, Erik and his team of oarsmen prompt from Sweden to raid Northumbria. However, he refused to invite for instructions and ended up in Japan. Whilst there, Erik dined on a rice omelette. His synapses fired and he made the sail you notice above. Voyaging again to Sweden with a sail used to be a snap.

6) Erik the Glad instructed Ragnar Lothbrok how simple crusing can now be, Simply two months later, in the summertime of 792. Ragnar constructed a protracted boat and added a triangular sail. He sailed to Northumbria and sacked the monastery of Lindisfarne. A lot bloodshed and looting ensued. The age of the Vikings had begun. Now you already know.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comedian Chef, Ph.D.


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