Juxtapoz Mag – Genevieve Cohn is “Tracing Shadows”


Hashimoto Fresh is happy to offer Tracing Shadows, a solo exhibition through Boston-based artist Genevieve Cohn. The exhibition can be Cohn’s inaugural solo presentation at Hashimoto Fresh.

Tracing Shadows tells the tale of a neighborhood of girls that exist in an imagined global, during which they simply reside for one rotation of the earth on its axis. Construction in this imagined mythology, the figures depicted within the art work try to report a gentle that may simplest be skilled as soon as sooner than it slips away. Residing in an international that has this distinctive enjoy of sunshine, the ladies devote their existence making an attempt to higher perceive their global and programs that construction it. In lots of the art work, ladies are depicted referencing, tracing, or recording shadows. The shadow is in the end remodeled into an enjoy this is extra cast and tangible than that of the solar, elevating questions of fact vs. truth, considering the purpose the place fact and truth come in combination and the place they ruin aside.

Pulling from quite a lot of assets, Cohn’s inspiration is rooted within the Girls’s Land Military, the historical past and imagery of witches and witchcraft, and literary fiction. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, The Whole Cosmicomics through Italo Calvino, A Quick Historical past of the Shadow through Victor Stoichita and the quick tales of Einstein’s Goals through Alan Lightman additionally formed this frame of labor.

Tracing Shadows speaks to the shared stories of teams of folks, and the makes an attempt to query, report and remember the fact that shared enjoy. On this imagined universe, the ladies born at other instances of day create shared wisdom and custom, in order that the ones born later within the mild can start the place the ones sooner than them left off, talking to our human historical past of storytelling and passion in clinical experiments.

About her paintings, the artist states, “My art work undertaking imaginable communities of girls through drawing from each a historic and imaginative previous, provide, and long term. My art work recognize and mirror an international the place energy is derived from collaboration, self-endowed company and reference to the wildlife. I imagine concepts of assortment, adornment, attractiveness, and selection because the figures inside the worlds of my paintings assemble areas that have interaction concepts of formality and apply.”

Keep tuned to our 8-page characteristic at the works of Genevieve Cohn in our Iciness Quarterly. 



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