ADHD Superpowers? Do not Romanticize a Dysfunction and Its Signs


It appears, I’ve superpowers. However not like common superpowers — invisibility, shape-shifting skills, laser-beam eyes — my superpowers are a bit of extra prosaic.

So prosaic, in truth, they don’t glance just like superpowers in any respect: Lethargy. Impulsivity. Substance abuse. Persistent distractibility. Abject frustration. Unemployment. Neuroses. Irritability.

The Misadventures of ADHD-Guy

Who can overlook Wonder Comics #27? ADHD-Guy rises after midday to defeat leftover takeout and doom scroll on Twitter whilst nursing a nagging urge to do one thing productive.

That clearly isn’t an actual comedian. And ADHD isn’t an actual superpower. No longer when I used to be a child, and no longer lately as others proudly brandish the irony-tinged proclamation throughout social media.

Don’t get me improper: I perceive why some other folks would confer with their ADHD signs as superpowers. I remember the fact that it’s intended, partially, to keep in touch the neuroatypical benefits now we have, like hyperfocus, boundless power, and creativity. However those characteristics are a small a part of the ADHD puzzle. As a result of what just right is an artistic mind, say, if it’s not able to use itself? That isn’t cool; that’s Kafka.

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And sure, I additionally get that “ADHD is my superpower” is a defiant two-finger salute to a global that tries to rip neurodivergent other folks down. It’s additionally a pleasant factor to mention to youngsters who’re suffering with id and ADHD.

I do know what you’re pondering: Why am I getting labored up over one thing rather benign? As a result of I used to be ADHD-Guy for a very long time. In my darkest days of pre-treatment, I used to be a substance-abusing, suicidal mess. I didn’t really feel like a superhero. I didn’t even really feel human.

Let’s Be Fair: There’s Not anything Romantic About ADHD

Traditionally misunderstood prerequisites experience larger reputation lately than ever earlier than. However there may be a lot more paintings to be achieved. I’m sure a “What’s ADHD?” vox pop on my town’s streets would produce quite a lot of shoulder shrugs and remarks like, “Oh, is ADHD the only the place the entire youngsters run about loopy and the fogeys give them ricin, or nutrients, or no matter to calm them down? That one?”

Within the ongoing combat to boost much-needed consciousness round ADHD, it’s necessary we don’t romanticize it. Pithy expressions do little to assist other folks with ADHD after they’re referred to as unproductive at paintings or disruptive in the school room. As a substitute of being adorable, we must be transparent.

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We must give an explanation for the unending love-loss development of hyperfixation that scuppers our probabilities of gaining talent in a interest and continuously leaves us with muddle: unstrummed guitars within the closet; squash-racquets-turned-fly swatters; forgotten knitting needles threatening to upward push from underneath the sofa cushions. Others must learn about our inner chaos and general incapacity to use ourselves in spite of having the need to do one thing, the rest, as opposed to carry out a limiteless start-stop loop.

We must give an explanation for the actually unpleasant aspect of ADHD. The stuff that, left unchecked, can cap an individual’s possible and smash their existence. The results of lacking a prognosis in formative years. The yo-yoing employment standing in maturity. The susceptibility to substance abuse and different unfavorable results.

However no one’s going to position all that during a Twitter bio.

Remedy Is the Actual Superpower

The antidote to ADHD isn’t #slogans; it’s drugs, remedy, and workout. It’s formulating a recreation plan and operating it each and every and on a daily basis so that you don’t finally end up like ADHD-Guy.

Once I assume again to my existence earlier than I used to be identified with ADHD at age 32, it makes me doubly thankful for the place I’m now.

To me, the real superheroes are the folk — a long way cleverer than I — who had been ready to plot answers to assist the ones like me. Due to them, I’m ready to take a tablet each and every morning that permits me to make wholesome choices, offers me larger regulate of government purposes, and is helping me be aware of duties to a degree that ADHD-Guy by no means concept conceivable.

ADHD Superpowers: Subsequent Steps

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