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Those lovely mini cheesecakes are made in a muffin tin! More straightforward to make than one massive cheesecake, they’re beautiful as an image and so much much less messy to serve. Are you already visualising everyone’s gushing response while you flip up at your subsequent collecting with a platter of those petite treats??

Platter of Mini cheesecakes

Mini cheesecakes

With regards to celebration season, my dessert sport plan is beautiful predictable and heads in one among two instructions.

If I’ve the time and in point of fact need to make a touch, I’ll opt for a large commentary piece just like the well-known Pavlova Christmas Tree or By no means-Finishing Meringue Tart, the latter aptly named as a result of you’ll make it as impressively loooong as you need (4 metres / 12 ft is my report so far!)

But if I do know I’ll be pressed for time – and the vacation season this 12 months will be one of these 12 months – I’m at all times pondering what I will be able to prepare dinner up for post-feast goodies that may nonetheless make an have an effect on however with out the tension. My tick bins are for one thing low-risk, make-ahead, beautiful, simple to move and a assured crowd pleaser.

Input this 12 months’s dessert to the rescue: Mini Cheesecakes! They’re more straightforward to make than one massive cheesecake (which can be roughly fragile), with the ease of side-stepping the entire hassles of reducing and allotting with plates and cutlery. You’ll be able to actually consume those together with your arms like cupcakes.

And they’re simply lovely!

Hand holding Mini cheesecakes

What you wish to have for mini cheesecakes

Right here’s what you wish to have to make mini cheesecakes.

1. The biscuit base

Ingredients in Mini cheesecakes
  • Biscuits – My biscuit of selection for mini cheesecakes is digestive biscuits, for flavour and for the feel. Those are a well-liked biscuit in the United Kingdom but additionally not unusual in Australian grocery retail outlets in this day and age. They’re company however have a crumbly texture so that they shape crumbs simply, and aren’t as dry as different undeniable candy biscuits.

    Change with:
    – Graham crackers: Very an identical in each flavour and texture to Digestives.
    – Arnott’s Marie crackers: I take advantage of those for massive cheesecakes however I discovered the bottom a little dry after I made those mini cheesecakes. On the other hand that is simply countered with some further butter.
    – Every other undeniable candy biscuits: Simply make the biscuit base as written and upload a little of additional butter if wanted to succeed in the “rainy sand” texture you wish to have.

  • Butter – So as to add flavour and fats to the bottom, and as a binding so the biscuit crumbs coalesce right into a cast base;

  • Sugar – For a bit of further sweetness. We don’t want a lot.

  • Cinnamon – Non-compulsory, however I love the additional contact of flavour it brings to the biscuit base.

  • Salt – Only a pinch.

2. The cheesecake filling

The important thing to a creamy clean cheesecake filling is to verify the bloodless components are at room temperature.

Ingredients in Mini cheesecakes
  • Cream cheese – The principle element in cheesecake! I’ve at all times used Philadelphia cream cheese which is the most efficient recognized cream cheese emblem. Use the block kind no longer the creamy spreadable bathtub sort, which has a tendency to be softer.

    Complete fats cream cheese is very important right here! Low fats cream cheese gained’t set as smartly and doesn’t have the similar flavour. It’s all in or make one thing else, I say!

  • Bitter cream – This would possibly sound extraordinary however bitter cream lightens the cheesecake filling so it’s no longer as dense. It is a “secret element” I take advantage of to make cheesecakes luscious however no longer overly wealthy.

    You’ll be able to more than likely break out with low fats however I haven’t attempted it. Undeniable yogurt additionally works instead.

  • Sugar – It’s highest to make use of caster sugar / superfine sugar because the grains are smaller so they’ll dissolve extra simply into the filling combination. Common sugar will paintings too however would require extra beating to dissolve. This implies your combination will likely be extra aerated which is able to lead to a couple floor bubbles at the cheesecake (no longer the top of the arena although, as we quilt it with cream!).

  • Flour – Just a little, to supply a little of balance to the filling and make it set. With out this, the filling units a little too flabby and free.

  • Eggs – That is our binding agent for the filling that holds the whole lot in combination. Eggs, without equal meals glue!

    Be sure that the eggs are at room temperature and no longer fridge-cold. This manner they’ll incorporate extra simply into the batter and also you gained’t run the danger of curdling the combination. Yup, been there, completed that! To temporarily carry eggs to room temperature, simply submerge in heat water for five mins.

  • Vanilla – For flavour. I love to make use of extract somewhat than imitation essence which is, smartly, pretend. I don’t use actual vanilla beans for basic baking. I reserve that just right stuff for particular such things as Creme Brûlée, Creme Anglaise (pouring custard).

  • Salt – It’s typically just right baking follow so as to add a little of salt to maximum dishes to carry out the flavor of different components. It is going to no longer make this style salty.

  • Lemon zest – At all times welcome in wealthy issues, it brings a slightly of brightness to offset one of the vital creaminess. It doesn’t make this style like a lemon cheesecake. You want a LOT of zest for a pronounced lemon flavour in cheesecakes, as I discovered when growing Lemon Cheesecake for my cookbook!

Showing creamy inside of Mini cheesecakes
Shut up of within the filling so you’ll see the way it’s mild and aerated within somewhat than dense and thick. On the other hand, it’s were given a beautiful creamy mouthfeel!

The right way to make Mini Cheesecakes

Great and simple. And I in point of fact like that you’ll make those cheesecake days prematurely! Don’t concern if you happen to don’t have a meals processor or electrical beater, there’s different manner to make this.

1. Base

How to make Mini cheesecakes
  • Blitz – Position the biscuits in a meals processor and blitz till they change into nice crumbs. It takes about 10 seconds in my meals processor. Get started through pulsing then blitz on top till completed. Then upload the whole lot else (melted butter, cinnamon, sugar, salt) and blitz once more in brief to mix.

    Don’t have a meals processor? No issues. Simply put the biscuits in a ziplock bag and bash the usage of a rolling pin or massive tin. It’s very pleasurable!

  • Rainy sand texture – The mix will have to appear to be rainy unhappy and holds in combination while you pinch it between your palms. Divide the combination between paper muffin tin liners sitting in every hollow.

  • Press and flatten the crumbs firmly into the bottom of every hollow the usage of one thing spherical with a flat base. A 1/4 cup measure is the very best device for me.

  • Bake for 7 mins then take away and funky for five mins prior to topping with the cheesecake filling.

2. Cheesecake filling

The objective with the filling is to make it as clean as you’ll but beating as little conceivable. This may increasingly minimise the volume of air bubbles within the combination so that you don’t finally end up with bubbles or cracks at the floor.

I guess you’ve discovered that this additionally manner the filling is FAST to make!🙌🏻

How to make Mini cheesecakes
  1. Beat – Get started through beating the cream cheese till clean. If it’s correctly at room temperature, this will have to slightly take 10 seconds on a medium velocity. Then beat in the whole lot else apart from the eggs, simply till clean.

    Don’t have an electrical beater? Simply ensure that the cream cheese is reasonably comfortable then simply use a hand-held whisk / wood spoon. It really works as a result of we aren’t seeking to fluff up the cream cheese like we do with butter for such things as buttercream frosting. All we would like is to make the cream cheese clean.

  2. Eggs – Beat the eggs in one by one, simply till integrated.

  3. Batter thickness – The cheesecake filling will have to be extra like a thick pancake batter, somewhat than a muffin combination that may be scooped into mounds.

  4. Divide the combination between the muffin tin holes. Use all of it! You’ll be able to fill the holes as much as 3 mm from the rim because the cheesecake does no longer upward thrust a lot.

    I love to make use of an ice cream scoop with a lever. It’s very at hand for desserts, cupcakes, pancakes, fritters …. AND ice cream!

  5. Bake for 20 mins at 160°C / 325°F (140°C fan). A decrease temperature avoids browning at the floor whilst gently baking the subtle cheesecake filling.

    As soon as baked, the filling will have to nonetheless be comfortable and supple within the centre, no longer rock exhausting. However no longer jiggling like there’s liquid beneath. If it’s too comfortable, pop it again within the oven for a couple of mins.

  6. Cool totally at the counter for no less than 1 hour.

    Refrigerator – Quilt the skin with a sheet of baking/parchment paper then seal with dangle wrap. Position within the refrigerator for no less than 6 hours to totally set, ideally in a single day.

3. Adorning!

How to make Mini cheesecakes
  1. Absolutely set – As soon as the mini cheesecakes are totally chilled they’ll be set sufficient to select up.

  2. Peel off the paper liner and position on a serving platter.

  3. Cream – Enhance as you would like! In lately’s recipe I’ve long past with Chantilly cream (which is only a fancy identify for lightly-sweetened whipped cream) and berries. I’ve piped the cream on the usage of a celebrity tip nozzle however you should additionally simply dollop the cream on the usage of spoons.

  4. Berries – I used small strawberries (halved / quartered), raspberries and blueberries plus a small sprig of mint, all dusted with icing sugar.

Extra adorning tips

  • Sliced/diced comfortable tropical fruit like mango, kiwi, peach

  • Passionfruit – at all times a pleasing of completion!

  • A drizzle of chocolate, Nutella or caramel

  • Vibrant sprinkles or silver balls (festive season!)

  • Fruit compote

  • Toppings I take advantage of for my Strawberry or Blueberry Cheesecakes

Overhead photo of Mini cheesecakes

The sensible stuff: Garage and serving pointers

The making section completed, I’ve some sensible tricks to percentage with you on serving, garage and assembling so that you pull off your dessert and not using a hitch on celebration day! In no specific order:

  • Garage – Stay them within the refrigerator. They’re very good for twenty-four hours after making, and nonetheless very, superb at 48 hours. Past this the bottom begins getting softer than is perfect however no person complains. If wanted it helps to keep for five days no less than, more than likely longer. However notice the cream will begin to deflate after round 24 hours. See pointers underneath for assembling and stabilised cream.

  • Freezing – The bare cheesecake (ie. no cream) can also be frozen for as much as 3 months then thawed.

  • Serve at room temperature – Preferably. Cheesecake is creamier and you’ll style extra flavours when it’s at room temperature. Even though on scorching summer season days bloodless cheesecake from the refrigerator is gorgeous! In my ideal situation, I de-chill the cheesecake for half-hour to one hour, then I enhance simply previous to serving.

Piping cream on Mini cheesecakes

The sensible stuff (persisted)

  • Adorning – Common freshly whipped cream deflates with time so attempt to collect as on the subject of serving as you’ll. After I in point of fact need to galvanize, I take the Chantilly cream components and kit with me and whip the cream on the subject of serving.

    If I’m feeling extra at ease, I’ll simply enhance the cheesecakes previous to leaving my area and put it directly within the refrigerator after I arrive,. They’re nice for a couple of hours. The cream will deflate a little however if you happen to whip till stiff it’s going to cling its piped form for an afternoon.

  • Stabilised cream – For the most efficient make-ahead effects, use a stabilised cream. To do that, transfer 1/4 of the (unwhipped) whipping cream with marscapone cheese, a wealthy Italian comfortable cheese that tastes like whipped cream however has the feel of spreadable cream cheese.

    Whilst you whip marscapone with bizarre cream, the ensuing cream remains mild and fluffy for a ways longer than undeniable whipped cream, ie. it’s “stabilised”. It is going to stay fluffy and near-perfect for twenty-four to 36 hours. Past this, it begins to deflate reasonably however remains to be a ways awesome to straightforward whipped cream!

Platter of Mini cheesecakes ready to be served

And with that, it’s over and out for me!

Time handy over to you. What do you bring to mind the cheesecake? Is that this vacation gatherings-worthy? What’s going to you enhance yours with? Inform me underneath, I need to know! – Nagi x

Watch methods to make it

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Close up of Mini cheesecakes

Mini cheesecakes


Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. Fabulously lovely little person cheesecakes that are ideal for gatherings. They’re more straightforward to make than 1 massive cheesecake and a complete lot much less messy to serve! Enhance with berries and whipped cream, or use the topping from this Strawberry or Blueberry Cheesecake.Please make sure that the refrigerator components are at room temperature so the filling combination is totally clean. No one needs little lumps of their cheesecake!



  • Blitz: Damage the crackers up together with your arms then blitz in a meals processor till they shape nice crumbs – about 10 seconds or so. (Be aware 4) Upload last Base components, blitz to mix. It will have to have the feel of rainy sand.

  • Press: Divide combination between the muffin tin holes. Press down firmly to flatten the usage of one thing flat and spherical. A 1/3 cup measure suits completely in mine my tin holes for this goal.

  • Bake: Backe for 7 mins then cool bases for five mins prior to filling.


  • Filling (Be aware 5): Beat cream cheese on velocity 5 of an electrical beater simply till clean (~ 10 seconds). Upload flour, vanilla, bitter cream, sugar and lemon. Beat on velocity 5 simply till mixed (~10 seconds). Beat in eggs one by one simply till integrated. Aggregate will have to be like a thick pancake batter.

  • Bake filling: Divide combination between muffin holes. Use all of it – you’ll can cross inside 3mm of rim because it gained’t upward thrust a lot. Bake for 20 mins.

  • Relax: Take away from the oven then cool for 1 hour at the counter within the muffin tin. When cooled, quilt with baking/parchment paper then loosely with dangle wrap. Refrigerate for no less than 6 hours and ideally in a single day, or till the lining can also be peeled off cleanly.

Enhance and serve:

  • De-chill: You probably have the time, take away cheesecakes from the refrigerator half-hour previous to serving, to take one of the vital refrigerator calm down (the cheesecake is nicer at room temperature).

  • Chantilly cream: Position components in a bowl and beat on top till the cream is thick sufficient to pipe/dollop.

  • Enhance: Pipe or dollop with cream, enhance with berries, mud with icing sugar. Serve proudly!

Recipe Notes:

1. Biscuits – I attempted numerous biscuits and located digestive biscuits and graham crackers to be my choice for mini cheesecakes. For graham crackers you’ll want 1 3/4 cup or 20 squares for 150g.
Marie crackers (often utilized in Australia for cheesecake base which I take advantage of for complete dimension cheesecakes) works however wishes and additional 90g butter (the bottom is drier than with digestives).
Use any biscuits you need however you could wish to alter the butter relying at the sort so it remains in combination while you press it within the base. Simply make base as-is, then upload 1 tbsp (15g) further melted butter at a time till you get the best texture.
2. Cream cheese – Use block cream cheese because it’s less assailable than the spreadable bathtub selection.
3. Eggs – Use eggs labelled as “massive eggs” as they’re an trade usual dimension of round 55g/2oz every. Please make sure that they’re at room temperature so that they incorporate simply within the batter.
4. No meals processor? Simply put the biscuits in a ziplock bag and bash with a rolling pin or massive can. It’s very pleasurable!
5. Making a clean filling – The objective is to make a clean combination with minimum beating so there’s no bubbles at the floor and no cracking menace. Therefore the instruction to have all components at room temperature somewhat than fridge-cold!
6. Peeling off liner – If you need even neater facets, pop the cheesecakes within the freezer for half-hour or so, till the edges company up. The liner will peel off much more cleanly.
7. Serving – Enhance on the subject of serving time preferably. On the other hand they are able to keep within the refrigerator for a couple of hours and will likely be nice! I collect previous to leaving my area then put it directly within the refrigerator on the vacation spot.
8. Garage – Cheesecakes will stay within the refrigerator for as much as 5 days. Common cream will deflate a little although, that’s simply what occurs, however it’s nonetheless scrumptious. Stabilised cream is extra proof against deflating whilst nonetheless as ethereal as standard whipped cream. To make, exchange 1/4 of the unwhipped cream with an identical quantity of 40% fats marscapone. Whip into cream as same old, and use as in keeping with standard cream.
See pointers above the recipe video for making forward and taking to gatherings.
9. Diet in keeping with cheesecake, aside from toppings.

Diet Data:

Energy: 353cal (18%)Carbohydrates: 19g (6%)Protein: 5g (10%)Fats: 29g (45%)Saturated Fats: 17g (106%)Polyunsaturated Fats: 2gMonounsaturated Fats: 8gTrans Fats: 1gLdl cholesterol: 111mg (37%)Sodium: 154mg (7%)Potassium: 107mg (3%)Fiber: 1g (4%)Sugar: 15g (17%)Diet A: 1103IU (22%)Diet C: 1mg (1%)Calcium: 71mg (7%)Iron: 1mg (6%)

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