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On this case, an overly successful quantity for this physician…

Dr. Nadia Dowshen focuses on LBGT problems related to minors and is the scientific director and co-founder of the Gender and Sexuality Building Health facility.

A video has resurfaced of her from 2020 claiming that in relation to acting intercourse alternate surgical treatment on minors, “age is only a quantity.”

She went on to indicate that a kid’s adulthood was once extra necessary than their precise age. Watch the video on the Day by day Mail right here.

The great physician says that on the Youngsters’s Clinic of Philadelphia, they carry out ‘best surgical treatment’ on sufferers as younger as 14, which comes to taking out or implanting breasts.

In line with the Day by day Mail article, when requested about whether or not there have been age limits in position for intercourse alternate surgical procedures, Dr. Dowshen stated: ‘You will need to needless to say age is a host. However as a young person medication and developmental specialist, we all know that the place a kid is cognitively and socially is extra necessary than that specific choice of their age.’

Right here’s the kicker:

“Dr. Dowshen was once additionally requested in regards to the probably life-altering results of hormone medicine given to transgender minors, which is able to reason infertilityShe stated that many kids with gender dysphoria ‘don’t seem to be taken with having kids in any respect’.

Learn the entire article right here.

Those “gender asserting” surgical procedures are very pricey.  In line with costhelperhealth:

“For sufferers no longer lined through medical insurance, the standard value of a intercourse reassignment surgical treatment can vary from about $15,000 for simply reconstruction of the genitals to about $25,000 for operations at the genitals and chest to $50,000 or extra for procedures that come with operations to make facial options extra masculine or female.”

Great cash to be made there for the health facility Dr Dowshen co-founded.

I’d like to peer Dr. Dowshen move right into a court and inform the pass judgement on that once coping with a minor, “age is only a quantity.”

Those life-altering medicine and surgical procedures given to at a loss for words minors with gender dysphoria reasons irreversible injury.

We want to pray that the present development of mutilating minors comes to an entire forestall.

We want to pray for our early life.




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