20 Extra Twentieth-Century Motion pictures To Quench Your Thirst For Blood


“Is that this the realization of all our yesterdays?” The second one adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel, “I Am Legend,” has onetime NRA president Charlton Heston’s persona, Robert Neville, mowing down albino mutants with a submachine gun. There are numerous weapons and afros on this film.

The “half-dead” mutants, who shape a cultish, Manson-like Circle of relatives, best emerge after sundown, however they nonetheless supplement their black gowns with darkish shades to cover their vampire eyes. Do not be fooled, regardless that, as a result of they are extra well-spoken than the standard Darkseekers and certainly totally able to catapulting fireballs at Neville till he begins sniping them with an automated rifle just like the trigger-happy, Hippocratic Oath-breaking physician he’s.

In “The Omega Guy,” the digital camera pulls again to turn the empty streets of a modern post-apocalypse with interracial romance. But the mutants, rather questionably, can best be cured via a white guy’s blood transfusion—and he is not antagonistic to going out in army get-up and a Jesus Christ pose.



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