Tech Defined: Method 1 MGU-H


Probably the most efficient performance-differentiating programs onboard the Method 1 chronic unit is the turbocharger shaft-mounted warmth power restoration device (MGU-H). The MGU-H makes use of exhaust fuel entropy (the warmth power closing within the exhaust fuel as a serve as of its temperature, enlargement, and mass go with the flow fee) to spin the turbine all through the power restoration segment changing the power from the exhaust gases into electric power.

{The electrical} power is then used to chronic the automobile’s electric driveline (both charging the battery or immediately deploying to the kinetic power restoration unit) to spice up the ability unit’s functionality. Being a motor, if electric power is equipped, it is going to power, and whether it is being circled within the magnetic box, it is going to create electric chronic.

The MGU-H is a space of the laws which isn’t closely tied down. It will have to be at least 4 kilogrammes, however in the case of the power and the ability, it’s allowed to have up to the groups can extract. The FIA left this freedom to inspire producers to make use of it smartly and assist chronic unit potency. In Method 1 chronic devices, the MGU-H is a part of the turbocharger meeting.

As noticed within the video beneath, Mercedes AMG HPP’s managing director, Hywel Thomas, explains that their MGU-H sits between the compressor and the turbine. The entire meeting is then fitted into the centre of the vee of the 1.6-litre V6 interior combustion engine. Thomas is going on to give an explanation for how the MGU-H interacts with numerous different portions within the chronic unit, particularly with the turbocharger.

Right through power restoration, {the electrical} power constituted of the MGU-H can pass into the battery to be saved for later use or immediately from the MGU-H to the kinetic power restoration device (MGU-Ok) to extend the ability unit output. When used as a motor, the MGU-H solves the issue of turbo lag. It spins the turbocharger when there isn’t sufficient entropy within the exhaust fuel on the proper time to make sure that the ability unit delivers to be had top functionality within the given situation.

The principle driving force for the creation of the MGU-H was once the incentive of the FIA to have very power-dense chronic devices in Method 1 by way of expanding the brake thermal potency and, subsequently, bettering the functionality. The MGU-H device might not be to be had within the subsequent era of Method 1 chronic devices. As such, groups must in finding alternative ways to deal with and enhance the ability unit potency below the brand new regime.



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