Folks Sharing Their Worst First Date Tales


Relationship can also be painfully tricky… particularly if it’s the primary date and also you don’t know an excessive amount of in regards to the individual you’re about to satisfy. That’s why virtually everybody has a couple of first date horror tales of their again pocket to proportion with pals. We now have compiled an inventory of probably the most worst down under so that you can learn. So in case you’re in a courting, you’ll be able to be satisfied you’ve escaped the cesspool this is trendy relationship. If you happen to’re unmarried and searching for love, please don’t let this record discourage you. Simply open your favourite relationship app, and let the joys occasions start…

Worst first date.

Took a lady to a nice steakhouse in West Hollywood. In our convo she told me about her drug problem and ability to see lizard people.

My cousin set up a first date for me with a family friend. During a break from dinner, Mr. Man follows me into the ladies’ room, comes up close and says in a low voice, “I shave my butt.”Can’t remember what I said in response but the evening ended abruptly

Had a great evening with her. End of the night we went walking in a park. She proceeds to tell me that she is actually still "technically" dating a guy but he's only with her because she lied and said she was pregnant. But she was going to end it with him for meA date asked me what I do and when I told him I am a comedian, he replied "ugh, I hate comedy" he also hates music and movies. I assume his hobbies include serial killing and Sudoku.Worst first date.

A friend asked me on a double date as a blind date with his date's friend. I went to the bathroom and came back just in time to hear my date say to her friend, "why do I get the ugly one?" I said good night to all three and headed home, leaving her w/the bill.Met online. Went to a nice restaurant. He ordered for me without asking. Which was fine because he ordered steak and I like steak. But the meal came and he proceeded to cut up my steak into very small pieces and then tried feeding it to me.Worst first date.Worst first date.Worst first date.Worst first date.Worst first date.A girl who was semi-drunk came up to our table and asked him out in front of me while we were eating. He gave her his number and then for some reason thought I'd be happy to carry on with the dateWorst first date.She started telling me how she wants 5 kids and hopes they all have my eye color. She then berated the waitress because they didn’t let her have the Friday special on a Saturday. It was the first date.We stopped by firefighters sitting in front of the firehouse to ask for directions. They joked “that’s a gay bar”, I replied “that’s why he wants to go there.” Date was not amused. It ended w/him calling me a F’ng B*tch, He called 5 min later for a 2nd date.Worst first date.We went to a local bar and he said he could out drink me. After the third shot he threw up on the bar, me, and the waitress passing by. Some of it got on my face and I ended up with pinkeye. I’m still traumatized.We went for gelato and walked around the Vancouver seawall on our first date. The reason there wasn’t a second and it was the #worstfirstdate ? He barked at every dog he saw. We were on the seawall so he literally barked the whole date.Went on blind date, we met up at cocos, ordered dinner, the guy is sitting across from me, after dinner he is licking his fork & asks me if I was gonna be his Dessert, when I said No, he threw his fork at me, I ducked & made up a story & quickly exited.A man made me split with him a $2 diner coffee. Nothing else was eaten or drank.First date was at a coffee shop & the entire time he was showing pictures of him fly fishing. Picture after picture of fish and the lures he used. Nothing else was talked about. Not one question about my hobbies was asked, just him and fly fishingOne of the dates I went on was with a guy who ordered his steak not cooked. I asked why and he said that he was a werewolf. Needless to say, I booked it out of there before the full moon rose.

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