Watch Serena Williams’ 5yo hilariously mistake tampons for cat toys


She’s now not the primary child to search out some amusing in duration merchandise.

Lack of expertise is bliss. Multiply that by way of a child’s boundless creativeness and a postpartum maxi pad is an aircraft sticky label or a mattress for dolls. Serena Williams were given to enjoy the hilarious pleasure of her daughter’s creativeness this week when Olympia came upon her mother’s tampon and referred to as it a “cat toy”.

Williams posted a TikTok that confirmed her five-year-old opening a tampon and pushing it out of the pink applicator. The caption reads “Who am I to thieve her pleasure, it’s a Cat Toy! Don’t @ me #OlympiasWorld,” which simply is sensible when you watch the video.

It opens with an amused Williams asking Olympia what she’s taking part in with.

“A cat toy for Karma,” Olympia responds.

Williams questions if the tampon is a cat toy for his or her cat Karma.

“Sure it’s,” Olympia cheerfully solutions as she continues to thankfully play with the tampon. At this level, Williams is visibly seeking to grasp in her laughter.

@serena Who am I to thieve her pleasure, it’s a Cat Toy! Don’t @ me #OlympiasWorld ♬ unique sound – Serenawilliams

Moments later, after absolutely unravelling the primary tampon, Olympia fishes out a brand new one—and her mother’s extensive eyes and wry smile most effective make the entire thing funnier.

“You were given some extra cat toys?” Williams requested as Olympia tinkers with the brand new pack, able to tear it open.

“Adequate, let’s now not play with too a lot of the ones,” she says, seeking to prevent her daughter from losing some other.

Alternatively, like every kindergartener, Olympia is decided to get only one extra, and Williams is all mothers when she throws up her hands and provides in.

However Olympia’s tapping right into a pattern that has had folks giggling for years—she’s indisputably now not the primary child to search out some amusing by means of menstrual merchandise. Who can disregard this candy little lady who formed a dozen beds for her dolls (her mother’s response is hilarious):

In truth, whether or not you’re Serena Williams or now not, no matter assists in keeping ’em busy, proper? Neatly, is fairly—tampons and pads aren’t affordable!



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