REVIEW: ‘Between Two Seas’ as a Theatre of Realism


REVIEW: ‘Between Two Seas’ as a Theatre of Realism

Between Two Seas (2019) - Official Trailer [HD] I الإعلان الرسمي لفيلم ...
‘Between Two Seas’ (2019) | Professional Trailer

A kid rests her head towards her father’s reassurances; the nurse takes a scalpel to her frame, between her thighs, and it kills her. Bein Bahrain (‘Between Two Seas’, 2019) is a uncooked, unforgiving story set in rural Egypt—one that refuses to stray from the gory, gritty realities of illiteracy and violence towards girls.

From its trembling digital camera paintings, desaturated palette, and the eyes of its damaged girls, this isn’t a tale of victory—this can be a gospel of redemption. Bein Bahrain takes position in a small Nile isle off the banks of Cairo, tracing the shadows of 3 households as they coast their very own domesticated tragedies: a lady abused by means of her deadbeat husband, a mom who loses her daughter to feminine genital mutilation, and a tender physician who can not to find peace or admire inside of her group.

Director Anas Tolba paints portraits of ladies who compel and enrage, ones who encourage and dishearten. For all their flaws and the tribulations in their lives, those girls are a find out about in conservatism, heartbreak, and poverty. Bein Bahrain isn’t a movie intended to entertain, however slightly it’s designed to teach those that are unaware, and surprise those that fancied themselves an expert.

On Feminine Genital Mutilation

Zahra, the protagonist of this option, is a mom of 2 with desires of accomplishing her high-school degree. Her daughters are bright-eyed and clever, with the eldest Shahd being a “sweet-talker” doctor-to-be. Shahd is the apple of her grandmother’s eye, the only particular person who livens uninteresting moods and softens sharp conversations.

Shahd’s aspirations are dealt a livid, sudden blow when she is topic to feminine genital mutilation (FGM), on the request of her grandmother and father. Unbeknownst to Zahra—who’s requested to run a idiot’s errand, as a distraction—Shahd undergoes the surgical treatment which in the long run takes her lifestyles. By the point Zahra returns, she is met with the mourning of her hara (alleyway) and the frame of her daughter.

She begs fact to undo itself.

It does now not.

FGM is a “violent apply that incorporates all procedures of partial or overall elimination of the exterior feminine genitalia.” UNICEF estimates that greater than seven million ladies in Egypt are vulnerable to present process this unlawful surgical treatment between 2015 and 2030. Now not simplest is that this a elementary violation of human rights, however serves no scientific justification; in reality, this can be a reason for “critical long-term mental and well being headaches [which are] irreversible.”

Whilst an increasing number of condemned, FGM stays in style all over North and East Africa. In step with the nationwide 2014 Demographic and Well being Survey, round 92 p.c of Egyptian married girls between the ages of 15 and 49 have passed through FGM. Whilst criminalized in Egypt, the apply nonetheless takes position lately and remains to be a hindrance to girls’s well being and wellbeing.

Regardless of its loss of get advantages, FMG is a part of a much wider narrative of feminine sexuality and freedom. It’s described as “a part of the social material” upheld by means of nearly all of disenfranchised communities. Sometimes called feminine circumcision, the apply is steadily a part of a patriarchal want to “preven[t] adultery” by means of restricting a lady’s sexual stimulus. Faith is steadily cited as a driver, alternatively high Islamic government in Egypt, together with Al-Azhar, proceed to sentence FGM, supporting a strengthening of consequences for individuals who partake within the apply.

The movie frames FGM as a deadly, irreparable mistake that Zahra’s circle of relatives lives to be apologetic about. The colour drains from Bein Bahrain quickly after Shahd’s passing. The artwork route takes a steep dip from fairy, mahragan lighting to deep shadows and emotionally-charged interactions. Between Tolba’s imaginative and prescient of tragedy and creator Mariam Naoum’s similarly haunting characters, the viewer isn’t intended to sympathize with Zahra, however mourn along her.

Livid and unforgiving, she seeks justice for her daughter legally—and emotionally, by the use of guilting her circle of relatives, leaving house, and mourning within the fingers of her doctor-friend, Amal.

“If you give me my daughter again, the only you took from me,” she seethes at Shahd’s father, Hassan, when he asks her to go back house with him. “I can move with you.”

The viewer is inspired to mourn greater than the lack of a tender lifestyles, however slightly that of a sad fact that many reside day-to-day: illiteracy, FGM, and unprompted violence towards girls. Bein Bahrain is eager to turn the aftershocks of this tragedy as be apologetic about, now not collateral: Shahd’s father, Hassan, is fed on with guilt and loses himself within the procedure.

“She died,” Hassan says to Zahra, eyes pulled with emotion because the movie attracts to a leisurely, unsatisfying shut, “as a result of she depended on me.”

On Ladies and Literacy

Regardless of being the founding trauma of Bein Bahrain, FGM isn’t the one social factor Tolba and Naoum deconstruct. Ladies’s literacy is steadily the topic of discourse, with characters arguing whether or not or now not daughters will have to broaden academically in an effort to be becoming housewives. Zahra fends off her mom, who seeks to marry off Shahd at the start of Bein Bahrain — “go away her by myself, y’amma (mom). She’s going to complete her education […] she’s too younger for marriage.”

Zahra herself is observed as a lady having a look to solidify her training, operating to realize her high-school degree along her eldest. “I noticed my daughters learning, and I believed why now not?”

She does make it some degree to hush her two pals, Amal and Somayya, cautioning them towards “snitching” to her mom or husband.

Zahra realizes her possible on the finish of Bein Bahrain, the place she sits the thanaweya amma (high-school degree) examinations along a category of scholars. It’s unclear whether or not or now not she chooses to paintings after the truth, however given her self-reliant framing, one is vulnerable to consider so.

It’s her shut pal Amal—a physician with aspirations of incomes her Grasp’s and PhD—who’s a extra confronting oxymoron. Now not simplest is she condemned for her training, however she may be criticized for now not the usage of it to perpetuate unethical malpractices. Her refusal to behavior FGM on Shahd is observed as betrayal; “if simplest you’d operated on that woman, she wouldn’t be useless!” an unnamed personality accuses, earlier than beating her over the pinnacle, tough she operates on his daughter.

Nonetheless, in spite of soliciting her experience at a number of issues all through the movie, she is known as a lady of “loose time” and “no route” because of the loss of a “guy to invite the place she’s going and the place she’s been.”

Whilst Amal is Zahra’s node of sanity all over the movie, she wrestles together with her personal inherited misogyny. Regardless of falling in love, she turns out adamant that she would now not make a just right spouse on account of her career; her love hobby, who’s none as opposed to the police investigator assigned Shahd’s case, is delegated to the sidelines of her non-public tale.

“He wishes a lady that can sit down at house for him, be to be had for him,” Amal explains when requested why she wouldn’t settle for a wedding proposal, have been it introduced.

Regardless of claims that ladies’s participation “stays low” in Egypt—at 14.3 p.c compared to males’s 67.4 p.c, in line with a 2020 CAPMAS file—Bein Bahrain addresses a distinct segment narrative that questions the validity of that remark. As a substitute, it asks: what girls are unseen within the body of workers?

That is embodied in different characters, in particular Somayya and her mom. Somayya is a married lady who faces common abuse by means of her husband, Mohamed. She lives on within the hope that after her brother returns from Kuwait, he’s going to be their salvation. Somayya’s mom, who sells off their executive rations to higher feed the circle of relatives, is the not likely, unwilling matriarch.

As a substitute of salvation, alternatively, Somayya’s brother returns with not anything to supply however affordable presents. He claims that he’s residing off his “spouse’s cash,” and subsequently can not financially beef up his circle of relatives.

“We don’t have a spine, mom,” Somayya hisses, having a look at her brother. “Now not on this international.”

Between Somayya taking over jobs at a neighborhood studying heart, her mom’s battle to make ends meet, and her brother resting on his spouse’s wealth, Somayya’s story is much less about an unwillingness to paintings, however slightly a need because of the loss of male initiative in her group.

Her husband is a deadbeat who takes her cash, “refuses to spend at the kids,” and in spite of being the son of a sheikh, turns out adamant about beating her. UN Ladies estimates {that a} staggering 37 p.c of Arab girls are topic to identical remedy, having “skilled some type of violence of their lifetime, a host that has higher considerably with the pandemic.”

Somayya’s tale ends in a similar way to Zahra and Amal: the entire girls transfer forward in lifestyles with out their husbands or love pursuits. They’re, in essence, their very own salvation.

On Bein Bahrain

Bein Bahrain is a theater of tragedy, saturated with undying speaking issues designed to awaken indignation, concern, and disbelief in those that aren’t involved with fact. It toured the world over, receiving 15 awards in overall making it “one of the vital severely acclaimed movies in 2019.”

The decision is a transparent one: this movie is for the faint of center—for individuals who can slightly abdomen what occurs round them. This is a warning sign, a siren in inventive shape. Even though first debuting just about 3 years in the past, Bein Bahrain assists in keeping the viewer suspended at the seething, unapologetic declare of: sure—this occurs.

To a neighbor’s daughter, to the lady on public delivery, to the cautious mom who idea she would by no means face it.

It occurs, because it all the time has.

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