When Is The Highest Time to Seek advice from Uganda?


Are you interested by a rainforest journey in East Africa? Uganda is a year-round vacation spot with two wet and dry seasons. So, whilst you’ll be able to discuss with the rustic at any time of 12 months and go back blown away by way of your enjoy, the most productive time to discuss with Uganda is dependent in large part on what you need to look and do. With world-renowned birding, record-breaking biodiversity, giant sport safaris, impressive surroundings and, in fact, its sensational gorilla and chimpanzee trekking stories, Uganda is likely one of the maximum rewarding go back and forth locations on the earth. So, let’s have a look at the rustic’s other seasonal highlights to assist making a decision when the most productive time to discuss with Uganda is.

Best time to visit Uganda: Close-up of a chimp in the rainforest

Uganda has such a lot to provide, as an example chimp and gorilla trekking

June to September: The Lengthy Dry Season

Dry, on this equatorial nation, is a relative time period. It could possibly and does rain any time of 12 months. On the other hand, from June to September, the solar will get a possibility to dry up the land earlier than the following bathe. Coinciding with an ever-so-slight drop within the day-to-day temperature, this season due to this fact resembles iciness in Cape The city.

The drier prerequisites additionally favour Uganda’s headline enchantment, particularly gorilla trekking. It’s a steep and lengthy stroll via dense rainforests at altitude to seek for your assigned gorilla circle of relatives. Subsequently, you’ll be pleased about the drier pathways and mountain climbing prerequisites all the way through this time of 12 months.

Best time to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is a bucket record enjoy

The dry iciness may be supreme for common sport viewing. The savannah plains within the north dry up well, thereby making improvements to visibility and forcing the natural world to congregate round ultimate water assets.

Uganda’s well-known sights come with Lake Victoria, Murchison Falls, a large number of nationwide parks of various habitats, huge mountain levels, scenic lakes and gigantic rivers. All of those, and the various lesser-known sights, get pleasure from the drier, cooler prerequisites. Subsequently, this makes June to September the stand-out top season and thus the most productive time to discuss with Uganda for a whole-country enjoy.

October to December: The Shorter Wet Season

September frequently sees an uptick within the overall rainfall. Consequently, by way of October, the bottom is just about sodden. Peaking in November, the quick wet season is characterized by way of sensational downpours that transparent the air and bring a impressive palette of vegetables.

Crowned Crane in Uganda

Watch wonderful birds like the gray topped crane in Uganda

Migrant birds arrive in November, thereby including to the already staggering species depend. In truth, Uganda is likely one of the global’s easiest birdwatching international locations, with over 1,000 species on list! Primate trekking and natural world safaris can also be slow-going within the dust, but the entire extra rewarding consequently.

December will get a discount within the frequency of showers and in consequence an build up in guests. Spending Christmas with a circle of relatives of gorillas or pleasure of tree-climbing lions is understandably top on many guests’ bucket lists. Moreover, in Uganda, you received’t enjoy the predicted vacationer visitors that higher-profile neighbours like Tanzania and Kenya get. Consequently, that implies your enjoy is solely as relaxing  even in top vacation seasons.

January to March: The Shorter Dry Season

January is likely one of the driest instances of the 12 months in Uganda. After a couple of months of heavy rain, the panorama is remodeled right into a lush, emerald-hued wonderland. With near-perfect trekking prerequisites, the panorama in its greatest get dressed and rather fewer guests, the shorter wet season is arguably the most productive time to discuss with Uganda if you would like avoid the crowds.

The beautiful Murchison Falls in Uganda

Make means for the Murchison Falls, Symbol Credit score: Rod Waddington

Birding is superb all through the 12 months. On the other hand, it is the entire extra particular all the way through the quick dry season because the migrants are nonetheless provide and breeding till the arriving of heavier rain from mid-March. Moreover, it is a moderately warmer time of 12 months, so you can admire Uganda’s lakes and rivers and all their actions, starting from elegant leisure to heady journey.

March to Might: The Longer Wet Season

From round mid-March, peaking in April and petering out in Might, Uganda’s longer wet season is an outstanding show of equatorial precipitation. Probably the most extra faraway safari motels and locations transform inaccessible. On the other hand, the rustic’s most sensible sights aren’t any much less outstanding for it.

You’ll be able to nonetheless cross on safari, trek gorillas and chimpanzees, experience birding river cruises and loosen up by way of an ocean-sized lake. And what is extra, you can really feel like you’ve got all of the nation to your self.

Lion in a tree - best time to travel to Uganda

See Uganda’s well-known tree-climbing lions

Highlights within the wet season come with chimpanzee trekking, which is in fact higher all the way through this time, because the troops transfer decrease down the slopes on the lookout for heat and ripening fruit.

In a similar fashion, whilst prerequisites for gorilla trekking are tougher all the way through the wet season, the households transfer decrease down the slopes. Subsequently, this makes for a shorter stroll to search out them. And those nice primates, 3 times our dimension, glance completely lovely within the rain with their frizzy fur. There also are numerous new child plains sport species round as it is their birthing season.

The Highest Time to Seek advice from Uganda for…

Gorilla Trekking

This year-round job is easiest loved within the drier season from June to September, with an honourable point out for December to March. You’ll have an implausible gorilla enjoy each time you discuss with. On the other hand, the one distinction is that trekking up a mountain via a rainforest is even more difficult within the rain.

Chimpanzee and Primate Trekking

As with gorilla trekking, your chimpanzee hikes are extra relaxing within the dry season with equivalent probabilities of luck.


The lengthy dry season from June to September is the most productive time for a vintage safari in Uganda. The land is drier, which forces animals to congregate round everlasting grazing and water assets. Moreover, you even have higher visibility with the thinned-out plants, roads are extra obtainable, and rain showers do not interrupt your actions as a lot. Do not overlook your digital camera to take numerous footage!


With over 600 resident species, Albertine Rift endemics and any other few hundred migrants, Uganda is a world-renowned birding hotspot. Migrant species arrive in November and swell the native numbers till mid-March after they head north. If it is resident species you need to look, any time of 12 months will likely be superb so you’ll be able to dovetail your birding with the most productive time to discuss with Uganda for its different sights.

Best time to visit Uganda: Boots on the shore of Lake Victoria

Do not overlook so as to add Lake Victoria for your itinerary

Lake Victoria and Murchison Falls

Pass chasing waterfalls! The supply of the Nile is each an journey vacation spot and a scenic haven to unwind after your rainforest expeditions. Heat all 12 months, there is not any dangerous time to discuss with Uganda to enjoy those sights. Moreover, they tack on superbly to any itinerary.

Mountain and Volcano Hikes

Despite the fact that the rainforests are by no means totally dry within the so-called dry seasons, those months are the most productive for the snow-capped summits and freestanding volcanoes. Whilst you can want critical tools without reference to the time of 12 months, the most productive time to discuss with Uganda for its improbable hikes is June to August and January to early March.

When is The Highest Time to Seek advice from Uganda for You?

The drier months from June to September and December to March are typically regarded as the most productive time to discuss with Uganda. Whilst that is top season, the vacationer visitors remains to be rather low in comparison to its neighbouring East African international locations. And when you must be expecting rain each time you discuss with, the drier seasons make the entire shuttle more uncomplicated and extra predictable. On the other hand, without reference to when making a decision to discuss with Uganda, you’ll be able to additionally be expecting an incredible enjoy.

Touch our Rhino Africa Commute Professionals, and let’s get started making plans your luxurious safari to Uganda.



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