Juxtapoz Mag – Shigeki Matsuyama “Portrait of Dazzle” @ GR Gallery, NYC


GR gallery is worked up to offer Portrait of Dazzle, the primary solo exhibition of Shigeki Matsuyama with the gallery and in New York. A complete of 15 artwork will likely be proven; this frame of Matsuyama’s paintings grows out of his inspiration pushed by way of gadgets and perceptions skilled in his lifestyles; just like the sense of unease and mistrust in opposition to media such because the Web and TV. Shigeki takes a pictorial way on how every of his artistic endeavors is depicted; sounding off at the huge enlargement of generation and the way it impacts the awareness of on a regular basis lifestyles for the fashionable residing folks.

Portrait of Dazzle, curated in collaboration with Town of Skills, is going thru Shigeki’s procedure and displays on his distinctive idea by way of revealing the adjustments and results that fashionable generation has on folks these days. 

In accordance the artist phrases: “A portrait is an outline of a particular particular person. It changed into a longtime taste of portray right through the Renaissance, and because then, many artists have created portraits with all kinds of issues. Some portraits have pursued realism whilst others have emphasised or exaggerated the wonder or ugliness in their topics. (Supply: That is media ”Syouzou-ga”). The sequence Portrait of dazzle makes use of facial pictures discovered a few of the numerous selfies and snaps uploaded at the Web. With a video projector, the eyes from the pictures have been projected and traced onto a silhouette of someone else, whose race, intercourse, coiffure, or frame form differs from the ones of the unique, thereby developing portraits reflecting anonymity and the unsure veracity of data at the Web.”



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