Architect Rem Koolhaas Designed an Huge Paper Space for Prada’s Newest Runway Display


When visitors took their seats for the Spring 23 Prada runway reveal on Sunday, they discovered that they had been sitting on chairs made of robust cardboard planks. The seating was once organized inside of a ridicule area, with outsized doorways and window cutouts all the way through, and large white sheets of paper putting from the ceiling. The flooring, brown and easily textured, appeared destined for the recycling bin. The entire thing gave the impression of an architect’s type blown as much as enormous dimension.

The set was once the most recent collaboration between Prada and Rem Koolhaas, the 77-year-old Dutch architect. Since 2004, Koolhaas has masterminded the conceptually wealthy areas through which Miuccia Prada presentations her paintings, an intriguing partnership between two of probably the most influential designers of their respective fields. Mrs. Prada is an highbrow whose collections invite loving contemplation, and Koolhaas, who has designed well-known constructions just like the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, intends for his areas to do the similar. Over the process his 18-year partnership with Mrs. Prada, whom he met in 1999 when she requested him to revamp her shops, Koolhaas and his company OMA have implemented rigorous creativity to the runway. In combination, they have got: created modular and dispersed seating preparations to query the entrance row pecking order; projected faux commercials at the back of the catwalk; and created probably the most COVID technology’s maximum immersive and unexpected video-show units.

Courtesy of Prada

Every week sooner than the reveal, Koolhaas, in conjunction with OMA mission architect Giulio Margheri, allowed GQ an extraordinary peek into their ingenious procedure—which, as they described, necessarily runs in parallel with Mrs. Prada’s (and now Raf Simons’s) personal. Prior to Koolhaas and Margheri started running at the Spring 23 house, they had been instructed that the subjects of the season had been “naivety, adolescence and straightforwardness,” as Margheri put it in a Zoom name. Which is how they discovered their technique to paper, the duo defined in a follow-up e mail: “Paper is a straightforward subject material, nevertheless it allows us to articulate an aim; it’s the elementary floor onto which we specific our concepts. On this mission we would have liked to discover its qualities as an architectural part, virtually like youngsters would give form to their creativeness.”

Like Mrs. Prada, Koolhaas sees his ingenious follow as in detail attached to politics and social actions. The usage of humble and 100% recyclable fabrics this season, he mentioned, grew out of a “specific more or less resistance to luxurious.” Which would possibly appear ironic, making an allowance for the fashions strode out dressed in trim wool suiting and tiny leather-based shorts which can retail for plenty of hundreds of bucks. However Koolhaas isn’t within the industry of marketing garments; he’s within the industry of, as he and Margheri put it, “conveying a temper, projecting a mentality.” They elaborated: “We’ve all the time shared with Prada a undeniable resistance to waste within the design of the reveal areas…Now, greater than ever lately, the speculation of luxurious reveals itself at odds with the emerging prices of gasoline, meals and building fabrics. In a global the place aggression is changing into more and more provide, we would have liked to create an area that conveys softness and modesty.”



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