The Poetry Of Donald Trump –


Trump Poetry-

I should say myself my poetry is ok, in reality is is at the order of divine!

It’s muchly richer than effective wine, or any diamond that you might want to mine.
So please learn those phrases of mine, savoring each line.

And when completed with this tome so flash, you’ll want to ship me some “Thank You!” money!

 – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I wrote a e book, tchicken I wrote 3

The brand new residing Shakespeare I sought after to be

I wrote down all of the issues

   That from my thoughts had been dribbling

And paid anyone else

   To do all of the scribbling.

All of them had been best-sellers

   And I’ll take the credit score

In fact I’m the writer 

   Even supposing I by no means learn it.

I’m an completed creator
  Such an literary pundit

Must one ever take a loss
  I’ll let my fans fund it!


I all the time sought after a Princess my frame to caress
She in fact would must be very particular for such royalty as me

So I traveled the east of Europe to in finding my Cinderella
One beautiful and subtle sufficient for I’m one of these effective fella

My Dadeoo’s cash tempted many a effective honey

I may hardly ever stay them away so robust was once my bantering bray

The Slavic ladies love riches and are the other of American bitches

They make an obedient spouse that makes for a very easy lifestyles.

First I captured Ivana’s sweetness a beautiful Czechoslovakian
And lived in close to marital bliss tchicken traded her in for one thing Slovenian

Melania was once female fatale a actually vampish doll

My chemistry began to spike wchicken I noticed what she gave the impression of 

When dressed in now not even a sew I moved quickly up and were given hitched.


I’ve one of these magnificent mind

Such a lot that it’s exhausting to provide an explanation for

How one might be so splendidly brilliant

And but the clicking thinks that it’s trite

And hound me everlasting

With a meanness that’s infernal.

It provides me nice strife
And likewise upsets my spouse 

Once they name me a ‘halfwit’
Which I do know is part of a ‘fullwit’
(That proves that I’m good
And now not only a few dumb fart!)





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