Juxtapoz Mag – Saturday Morning Fever: Griffin Goodman @ All Celebrity Press, Chicago


For his or her first solo-show of the yr, All Celebrity Press gifts Saturday Morning Fever that includes the works of Griffin Goodman. Saturday Morning Fever is a selection of paintings that jumps into Goodman’s formative years: the intimate ritual of waking up early on Saturday, grabbing a sugary bowl of cereal, and cozying up in entrance of the tv to look at hours of cartoons. This commonplace time changed into a real type of escapism for Griffin and kids all over the world. Identical to the cartoons he watched as a child, his art work, to start with look, might appear shiny and sugar lined, however because the viewer digests those pictures they slowly get to the bottom of themselves to be just a little darker in humor and truth. Thru free-form juxtapositions of appropriated imagery sourced from pop culture and artwork historical past, the artist creates bricolages that talk to each the hyper-layered building of Photoshop recordsdata and the densely metaphoric construction of Pop Artwork.

At a tender age, Griffin’s mother presented him to the comedy of the Marx Brothers, The 3 Stooges, the characters of Sid and Marty Krofft, and Saturday morning cartoons. The enjoy of observing those techniques, contrasted with the city panorama of his home-grown Detroit, formed his burgeoning aesthetic and informs his follow nowadays.

For plenty of adults internationally, they’ll by no means omit the enjoyment that Saturday Morning Cartoons delivered to them, and the way distinguished it used to be in formative years: Whilst youngsters nowadays have get admission to to just about all cartoons anytime they want, some won’t ever have the enjoy of waking up on Saturday Mornings, turning at the TV, grabbing that gigantic bowl of cereal, and looking forward to their favourite cool animated film to begin. This display is devoted to these adults who nonetheless really feel like a child within. To by no means let your internal kid disappear.



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