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Re: GOLD The place is it heading

>>That is why I am crucial about charts. They do not have the facility to take anything else however historic information into account. <<

That is true Stefan, however this may be true of any type of research. There is not any research that may expect the long run. We will be able to most effective make projection/skilled guesses.

>>If there’s a terrorist risk then your chart isn’t going to behave another way. However this may increasingly have a vital affect on gold. Because it has on oil.<<

Oil and Gold have given very good technical alerts in recent years. Some have labored, some have not…no differnt to commonplace.

Alternatively no research can be of a lot use in a surprising tournament corresponding to a terrorist assault.

>>So I imagine that charts can most effective do the trick in a “commonplace” buying and selling surroundings.<<

Sure I do consider this. Excessive volatilty is a pig to industry. However as soon as once more, that is no other to f/a. The fundy or the techie will want deep wallet certainly to industry those occasions…until already at the proper facet of the motion.

I do not understand how a fundy would do it however a techie will ajust buying and selling plan and place dimension to account for the volatility

>>And because we aren’t precisely dwelling in bother unfastened instances, I doubt that you’re going to be very a success following charts in gold and oil.<<

My account displays in a different way ;)

As for the tading sign I posted above. Keep in mind this is used to be t/a which alerted me to a *attainable* buying and selling alternative. It used to be additionally t/a which ultimatey discounted the sign as invalid…In different phrases my sytem labored ecaxtly the way in which I sought after it to.

The purpose isn’t to be proper 100% of the time. The purpose is to maximize achieve as a % of greenbacks risked. My expectancy figures had been in way over 1.5 for a loooong time. So you’ll be able to come to a decision t/a isn’t for you, however you can’t legitimately deny that t/a works. That might be like me announcing f/a does no longer paintings, which is clearly ludicrous.

I’m going to mean you can in on a secret. I am a horrible basic analysist. It does not paintings for me. However I can’t deny that it really works. Buffet et al would no longer even hassle guffawing if I mentioned someting as foolish as that.

However attempt to stroll as much as the oldsters at Dunn Capital and inform them t/a does not paintings. They might counsel a pleasing pleasant therapist for you.




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