A Nurses Week Are living Display


Satisfied #nursesweek to all the ones at the hero’s adventure 🙏

It’s Nurses Week and you recognize what that implies: chilly pizza, heroes paintings right here indicators and shabby presents. How about giving nurses what they REALLY want: secure staffing ratios, honest pay, freedom from place of work violence, psychological well being reinforce and RESPECT. And that implies leaders LEADING.

To all of the nurses: I am getting it, I pay attention you and I reinforce you. It seems we’re all on a adventure to seek out our trail, our true calling. Whether or not that implies leaving your present function, lobbying for trade or introspecting to reframe the way you take a look at the sector, the time is now. It’s YOUR adventure, make it occur. 

Take a look at all my nurse advocacy (and parody) movies right here.



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